Our Story

Once Upon A Time

Did you know Plymouth Furniture wasn’t always Plymouth Furniture? Once upon a time, not too long ago, Jim and Mary Shields opened Plymouth Hardware Inc. in 1977. Taking advice from a friend, the couple started Sit-N-Sleep furniture upstairs of the hardware store. The successful growth of both stores led to the move to a large facility. In 2000, the Shields family purchased the 90,000 square foot Fairfield plaza ¬†and Sit-N-Sleep was then renamed Plymouth Furniture. Originally shared among five businesses, Plymouth Furniture had a retail footprint of over 15,000 square feet and has now expanded to over 46,000 square feet.


Plymouth Furniture Inc. TODAY

Plymouth Furniture has been expanding ever since. In 2006, a clearance section was added in the former hardware store. In 2010, Jim and Mary’s son Mike began his journey at Plymouth Future. Today he is the General Manager of daily operations. Both Shields’ generations still play an active role in the corporation, making Plymouth Furniture the successful family business you know and love.