Mattress Sizes/Dimensions

Many people have a bed and want to know what mattress to get to fit into that bed. Below is a chart to help you find the right mattress. It is common for mattress manufacturers to make the mattress an inch or two smaller than the listed dimensions. Also, sometimes when you measure the length of a bed you have it may be 5-8 inches longer. That is to allow the comforter and sheets to go in between the footboard and the mattress.

Twin or single
38 in × 75 in

It is an untrue rumor that a single bed is sometimes smaller than a twin.

Full or double
54 in × 75 in

60 in × 80 in

76 in × 80 in
Foundation or box spring size can be of two single L or twin XL.

California king
72 in × 84 in

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